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About Grizelda

Grizelda is a 14-year-old seamstress who’s been accused by the revolutionary government of harboring magical tendencies. Her people have just thrown off centuries of magical oppression, so now they make people like her “disappear” in the wee hours of the morning.

She escapes, but now that she’s wanted, she has to hide out in the city underneath the city. That means adapting to the ways of the goblins, a cheerless bunch who storm about muttering about the dictatorship of the proletariat. It’s damp, dark, the goblins hate her, she hates her new job, she misses the sun, and she can’t decide if the pixies are on her side or not. Soon enough she’s tempted to do the one thing she’s not supposed to do – get mixed up in events on the surface. She joins a group of young revolutionaries who think the new republic has gone too far. But they don’t trust her connection to magic either…

Grizelda is available as a free podcast here. I have plans in the works to put out an e-book version, but I’m still shopping around for the best platform to do that on. In the meanwhile, check out the sample chapter.

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