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August 6, 2012


A 2009 psychological horror movie that was directed and written by Christopher Smith.  Jess, a waitress who’s struggling with raising an autistic son alone, is invited by her friend Greg to spend a day sailing off the coast of Florida with a few other people.  A mysterious storm wrecks their sailboat, then a mysterious ship called the Aeolus appears and everyone boards it.  Without giving away any spoilers, bad stuff happens.  And time travel.

The ending of the movie was chilling, but fifteen minutes later I began to notice holes in the plot that are ruining it for me.  Please, if you’ve seen the movie, can you explain the following?


(Everything that follows is a spoiler.)



  • Where did the time loop come from?  Jess is influenced to do a lot of things she does because of her future self.  But the first time she boards the Aeolus, her future self wouldn’t exist … right?
  • When Jess-with-a-sack attacks Jess-with-no-sack, Jess-with-no-sack wins.  So when Jess puts the sack on, she should still remember that she’s going to lose that fight.  So why does she attack Jess-with-no-sack?  Did she want to get thrown overboard?
  • If getting thrown overboard lets you escape the Aeolus, why doesn’t Jess just jump off?
  • Wouldn’t the weight of all the lockets and dead Sallys eventually sink the ship?
  • Is that creepy taxicab driver at the end Charon?
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