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OOTS Kickstarter

February 22, 2012

What’s the word for the opposite of schadenfreude?  ‘Cause I’m getting a heck of a vicarious thrill out of Rich Burlew’s sudden good fortune.

Order of the Stick Kickstarter page.

My relationship with the Order of the Stick goes back about three years.  I was a junior in college and I’d just moved into Benton House, the science fiction and fantasy dorm for helpless geeks like me.  Such a helpless geek, in fact, that I’d signed up to help take care of the house library of fantasy books.

Well, there was this funny looking book in the graphic novels section called Start of Darkness.  If I remember right, I read it in one sitting.  Holy moly, it wasn’t merely a comic, it was literature as well.  It was a tragedy.  The title is a pun on Heart of Darkness, guys!  Then I devoured On the Origin of PCs (try saying it aloud).  Then I moved on to the OOTS website and blasted through them through finals week.

Cannon Fodder owes so much to this comic.  And Redcloak is awesome.

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  1. February 27, 2012 10:33 PM

    I got a lot of vicarious pleasure out of the Kickstarter drive as well. Were you a backer? My kids made donations with their own money to see Rich’s drive succeed.

    And yeah, I loved Start of Darkness too. We own all the books and I’ve been following Oots eagerly for years. For cute little stick figures, he does creepy and dark very well.

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