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Why I love Minnesota

August 15, 2011

Since I’ve moved to Minnesota, I’ve had to get used to things being done a little bit differently around here.  The Democrats are known as the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party.  You don’t put casserole into a casserole dish, you put hotdish into a casserole.  And for some reason the DMV is called the Department of Vehicle Services.

Last week I needed to go down to the St. Paul DVS to change the address on my driver’s license.  The office is located inside a pleasant building and looks very much like the lobby of a nice orthodontist.  I approached the lady at the front desk and had the following conversation:

Me: I need to change the address on my–

Lady: Oh, here’s the form you need for that.  You can go fill it out over there and your number is B106.

No sooner had I completed the form than the system called up my number and I went to another counter with another nice lady.  We happened to have the same first name, and we made small while she stamped my papers.  Then I paid them $13.50.  Then I was done.

In Minnesota, the DMV works.  How cool is that?

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