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The Slenderman Cometh

May 6, 2011

If you want to scare your pants off, go look up the Slenderman on the Internet.  Actually, don’t look up the Slenderman.  Really.  Take my word for it.

He’s an Internet meme invented in 2009 that was specifically designed to be terrifying.  Victor Surge – and all the people who’ve expanded on the mythos since then – have taken all the scariest bits from all the boogeymen you have ever feared and rolled them into one.  The Slenderman likes to show up in your photographs.  You’re reviewing your images on the digital camera, and there in the back of that nice picnic, there’s a ten-foot tall man in a suit with no face.  Just standing there.  Watching you.

Nobody really knows what he is or what he wants, but once you know about the Slenderman, he’ll start following you (sorry, everybody).  You’re walking around your house at night and you happen to look out the window … and there he is.  Just standing there.  Watching you.  The more you think about Slenderman, the more powerful he gets, the more powerful he gets, the easier it is to see him, the more you see him the more you think about Slenderman … arrrgh!  Your own brain is out to get you!

But there is something you can do.  Quick, look:

Yep.  That’s the riddikulus spell at work.

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  1. 3Davideo permalink
    May 7, 2011 9:03 AM

    Have you seen the latest Doctor Who episodes?

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