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The Salty Tart in Midtown Global Market

January 10, 2011

This is me struggling with a new digital camera.

The old one was in a purse along with a water bottle that sprung a leak and … oh, you don’t want to hear the details.  You want to hear about The Salty Tart.  It’s this unassuming little bakery in the heart of Minneapolis that has this reverential following among baking fans.  The lady who runs it has a James Beard award, for one thing (kind of like an Oscar for bakers).  Her ingredients are local, her cakes are all adorable, and people go on and on about the macaroons.

The wonderful Vu in front of a couple of cakes.

I know, I know, cupcakes are supposed to be like bell bottoms now, but I’ve been wanting to try a fancy-pants cupcake from a fancy-pants bakery, so I ordered the Surly’s Chocolate Cupcake (and split it).  And … yeah.  It tasted like beer.  The sweetness of the malt went well with the chocolate.  Good, solid chocolate cake on the bottom and good chocolate frosting on the top, and a little bit of buttercream filling.  All around, it was a good cupcake.

I forgot to take a close-up of the cupcake, but you can see it in the distance there.

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