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Google is getting creepily good at doing its job

November 6, 2010

It started with the Google Instant.  Gone are the days when you actually have to hit “return” to go look at your search results; now Google will guess what you were trying to look for and give you your answer before you’ve even finished typing your query.  With an eerie degree of accuracy.  It’s only messed up a couple of times since Instant went online – usually it can tell what I want after three or four letters, even if I’ve misspelled the word.

Just check out this astonishing marvel of technology:

What?  What?  How does it know I want to look at the five-day weather forecast for St. Paul?  All I did was type “wea”!  And that sidebar there informs me that with a few simple keystrokes, I could have information access to “everything” or “more.”  What’s more than everything?

And I have just realized that I haven’t had to sift through pages of irrelevant results since 2005.

Screw the flying cars.  We live inside one of those SF movies I saw in the ’90s.

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