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July 7, 2010

I’ve got a bunch of things to do right now: read about interspecific incompatibility for grad school, apartment hunt, put together a publicity plan for The Confederacy of Heaven, keep up with a certain blog of mine.  But a bucket full of kittens somehow manages to trump all that, doesn’t it?

These guys are little attention sponges.  They don’t want you to leave them alone for an instant – forget about what you had been planning to do today.  We found them out on a curb in our neighborhood, and we’ll be keeping them until they’re old enough to go to the shelter.

One of the tykes has the most remarkable markings.  He’s halfway between being a black cat and a tabby.  The white bits remind me of swirls of galaxy in the night sky.

(That's my goofball brother in the background.)

If I had my way I’d name him Ëarendil and keep him, but alas.  I doubt the apartment building would accept cats.

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