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Get your damn sugar away from my yogurt!

April 19, 2010

And now for a superfluous rant.

Where the heck did people get the idea that yogurt was supposed to be sweet?  I go to the grocery store, and I have an incredible time finding unsweetened yogurt for cooking with.

I don’t want my borscht to taste like artificial strawberry flavoring.  Yogurt isn’t supposed to taste like strawberries, it’s supposed to taste like yogurt.  You know, sour.  Sweetened, nonfat yogurt has more calories in it than unsweetened yogurt with all the fat still in it and they’re not even happy calories because now the yogurt tastes like ick.

Grr.  We oughta start a movement.  People for the Preservation of Sour Yogurt.  PPSY, it’s got a ring to it, yeah?


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