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The “Sesame Seed Treat”

December 1, 2009

Has the Carleton Snack Bar managed to top the doughnuts with the sausages on them?

Perhaps. The photo on the right simply does not do their latest creation justice. Earlier in the week these cups appeared on the Snack Bar shelves, enigmatically labeled “gluten free” and nothing more. Curious (and expecting a pudding), I bought one.

They are sesame seeds suspended in honey.

To be fair, they are sesame seeds suspended in honey, with chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top. But … sesame seeds in honey? Why? Does it have a reputation for health-giving powers? Is it some culture’s traditional dish?

To be fair, nothing about this, er, slurry is gross. It’s tasty, like a spoonful of apricot jam is tasty. Like apricot jam, it would be quite good on toast. But I wouldn’t want to eat a whole cupful of it.

As a matter of fact, after a little Google searching I’ve discovered that the Greeks have a candy called pasteli that is made almost exclusively of sesame seeds and honey. But pasteli is dry and chewy, kind of like a nut roll. Not like a, um … oh, I don’t even know what to call this stuff.

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